DIY portable solar generator 2000W 220V 110V output

This is a powerful & portable solar generator to power your 220VAC and 12VDC home appliances at the same time. All-in-one with inverter MPPT solar controller and battery, it ensure you easy installation and simple operation under safety. What you need to do is connecting it with solar panel to enjoy free electricity

  1. Compatible for household appliances with AC 220V, DC 12V and USB 5V output port.
  2. Plug & play design for simple installation
  3. Safety with full electrical protection, all with PV and battery breaker.
  4. LCD & LED display for system parameters and status
  5. Built-in pure sine wave inverter for wide-range of appliances, durable and stable
  6. Maximum solar generation with over 99% efficiency MPPT solar charge controller 
  7. Available for gel, deep cycle, Lithium battery