12V 24V 36V 48V 60A MPPT Solar charge controller

This 60A solar controller is a super smart MPPT solar controller with 99.9% conversion efficiency which increase your solar power generation and boost your battery charging rate remarkably.


  1. Advanced technology, MPPT tracking efficiency up to 99.9%, significantly improve the efficiency of energy utilization for your solar power system, reduce your loss.
  2. Automatic recognition of battery voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V, suitable for different solar system
  3. Support different types of battery, such as lithium battery, gel battery, sealed battery, opened battery and customized ones etc.
  4. The MPPT solar controller has a current-limiting charging mode. It would automatically lower the charge curret to its rated level  
  5. LCD display for users to not only check device operating data and status, but also modify solar controller's parameters with user's demand.
  6. LED fault indicators to and LCD display information to help users quickly identity system faults.
  7. Except protection against battery charge and discharge and overload, the controller also have lightning protection and over-temperature protection to battery to protect battery.
  8. The controller can used seperately or parallel for big power plant.

This 60A MPPT solar charge controller/solar regulator adopts advanced MPPT technology to increase your solar power daily generation up to 20% compare with PWM solar controller. Furthermore, you can charge whatever type of battery perfectly and extend your battery life. It can also be in parallel with more units for big solar power plant.

Product details


3 pices MPPT solar controller 30A in parallel


Technical specification for MPPT solar controller 60A 12V/24V/36V/48V





System voltage

12V/24V/36V/48V  Auto

No-load loss

0.7 W to 1.2W

Battery voltage

9V to 70V

Max. solar input voltage

150V (25°C), 145V (-25°C)

Max. power point voltage range

Battery voltage +2V to 120V

Rated charging current


Rated load current


Max. capacitive load capacity


Max. photovoltaic system input power


Conversion efficiency

≤ 98%

MPPT tracking efficiency

> 99%

Temperature compensation factor

-3mv/°C/2V (default)

Operating temperature

-35°C to +45°C

Waterproof level




Communication method

RS232  RS485


≤ 3000m

Product dimensions



This MPPT solar controller 60A is widely used for off-grid solar power system including home solar power system,  solar monitoring system and solar telecom system.