2KW 3KW all-in-one solar generator system with Lithium battery

Our 2KW and 3KW all-in-one solar generator systems are your go-to power solution. Featuring a pure sine wave inverter charger, MPPT solar controller, and a robust lithium battery, these systems can charge from the sun, grid power, and generators. Whether you're off-grid, facing an outage, or going green, these units are your dependable energy source. They're simple to install and provide stable power for all your needs.

  • SG-2000W
  • SG-3000W
  •  2000W
  •  25.6V
  • 110V/220V ±10%, 50/60Hz ±10%
  • 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • 2500WH LiFePo4
  • 1500W
  • 2pcs/MAX 2A
  • 2pcs/MAX 2A
  • (W*D*H)
  •  3000W
  •  25.6V
  • 110V/220V ±10%, 50/60Hz ±10%
  • 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • 3840WH LiFePo4
  • 1500W
  • 2pcs/MAX 2A
  • 2pcs/MAX 2A
  • (W*D*H)


Portable solar generator, the ultimate all-in-one solution for your portable power needs. With its integrated MPPT controller, pure sine wave inverter, and LiFePo4 battery, this plug & play system offers convenience and reliability in a compact package.


Key Features:

Efficient Power Conversion: The built-in MPPT controller ensures maximum power extraction from the solar panels, optimizing energy conversion and boosting overall system efficiency. This means you can make the most of your solar energy and charge the battery quickly and efficiently.


Pure Sine Wave Inverter: The pure sine wave inverter provides clean and stable AC power, making it suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices, appliances, and tools. Whether you're on a camping trip, working remotely, or facing a power outage, you can rely on the 3KW Portable Solar Generator to deliver smooth and reliable power.


High-Capacity LiFePo4 Battery: The LiFePo4 battery, known for its long cycle life, high energy density, and enhanced safety features, serves as the energy storage solution for the system. It provides ample capacity to meet your power needs, whether it's charging small devices or running larger appliances for extended periods.


Plug & Play Convenience: Setting up the 3KW Portable Solar Generator is hassle-free. Simply connect your solar panels to the built-in MPPT controller, and you're ready to start harnessing solar energy. The system comes pre-wired and integrated, allowing for easy installation and immediate use.


Safety and Protection: The 3KW Portable Solar Generator incorporates safety features to protect both the system and connected devices. It includes safeguards against overcharging, overloading, short circuits, ensuring safe and reliable operation.




Multiple Power Outlets: The Portable Solar Generator features USB ports, allowing you to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other USB-powered devices directly. Additionally, it includes a 12V DC outlet for powering car accessories, camping gear, and other devices that operate on 12V power. Finally, it is equipped with an AC outlet that provides standard household power, enabling you to run laptops, small appliances, fans, and more.

solar-generator-3000W.pngSOLAR-GENERATOR-OUTPUT.pngSOLAR-GENERATOR-INPUT.pngsolar generator system.pngALL-IN-ONE-SOLAR-GENERATOR.png


Technical specifications of 2000W 3000W portable solar generator 

Model SG-2000W SG-3000W
Battery Voltage 24V 24V
Input Voltage Range 165VAC - 265VAC( 220VAC model)
or 76VAC - 130VAC(110V model)
Input Frequency 45-65Hz
Output Voltage 220VAC or customized (110VAC)
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Specification of Built-in LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 2500WH 3000WH
Communication RS485/WiFi(optional)
Solar Input
Max. PV Power 1500W
PV input voltage  36VDC - 130VDC
Rated Charge Current 60A(MPPT controller)
DC Output
5VDC USB Output 2PCS /MAX 2A
12VDC Output Ports 2PCS /MAX 2A
Protections Over-voltage, over-charge, over-load, short-circuit,
Display Digital LCD + LED indicator
Size  585*310*505mm



manufacturing inverter charger.pnginverter-container-loading.png



Q1: Can I have a sample/trial order for a test?

A: Yes, we accept sample order/trial order for you testing by 1 product or mixed solar products.


Q2: When will you deliver the goods?

A: 3-5 working days for sample order; 7-15 working days for quantity order after receiving the deposit payment.


Q3: Do you offer a guarantee for your solar products?

A: Yes, 18 months for inverter and inverter related products including solar generator, solar inverter. 2 years for solar lights.


Q4: Can you do OEM/ODM?

A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders for inverter, solar inverter, MPPT solar controllers, solar generator and solar lights.

Please send you detailed request to our sales specialist for best quote.


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