Power Inverter & Charger

A power inverter charger combines an AC power inverter with an AC charger in one unit. It can both power your devices directly and also charge the battery.
Some key features of a power inverter charger include:
• A built-in AC charger to charge the internal battery when AC power is available.
• Safety features like overload protection, short circuit protection, etc.
• Capacity ranging from 500W to 40KW or more, depending on your power needs.
• Can be portable or installed in an RV, truck, or emergency power system.
So in summary, a power inverter converts DC to AC power, while a power inverter charger does the same while also charging an internal battery and external devices.

1KW - 6KW Inverter Chargers/ WI Series

• Wall mounted type, robust and sleek design
• Low-frequency toroidal transformer based, less than 1Amp idle loss.
• Pure sine waveform output with little harmonic distortion, suitable for all kinds of appliances.
• Peak efficiency > 90%
• Single-phase 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V AC output options, customized based on your request.
• AC mains priority for backup power systems or DC priority working mode for solar power systems.
• built-in AC bypass replay, UPS function
• multi-stage smart charger with max 30A to charge gel, AGM, lithium battery
• 4 millisecond typical transfer time, non-stop for computers during working.
• LCD & LED display used to view inverter status and working programming including AC input, AC output, DC input, battery, load, charger current, battery

8KW - 40KW IGBT Power Inverter/ HI Series

This IGBT power inverter offers a high-performance solution for converting DC power into usable AC power. It features an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module to generate a pure sine wave output and provide reliable operation.
• Wide DC input range - Accepts 96VDC or 192VDC or 240VDC input for flexible compatibility with different battery systems and charging equipment.
• Selectable AC output - Outputs single-phase power of 110V, 120V, 220V or 240V at 50/60Hz. Choose the output to match your needs.
• Adjustable priority mode - Set to AC priority for backup power or DC priority for off-grid solar and wind applications. Optimize the inverter for your intended use.
• Multiple battery options - Designed to work with gel, AGM, and LiFePo4 lithium batteries. Can be customized for other battery types on request.
• Built-in protections - Protects against overloading, high/low voltage, short circuits, and reverse polarity. Safeguards the inverter and connected devices.
• Reliable and durable - Provides years of trouble-free performance for residential, commercial, and industrial off-grid and backup power needs. A long-lasting solution.
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