Power Inverter Charger

In the dynamic world of backup power solutions and renewable energy systems, reliability is the backbone of success. At MILE SOLAR, we understand the pivotal role that dependable power sources play in enabling businesses, projects, and industries to thrive.

We are proud to introduce our comprehensive range of power inverter chargers, meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of importers, wholesalers, dealers, project contractors, and engineering companies within the realm of backup power and solar energy.


MI Series (500W - 1200W): Affordable Power for Uninterrupted Operations

The MI series offers a cost-effective solution for backup power systems and solar energy installations of various sizes, with power outputs ranging from 500W to 1200W. These inverters are the choice for those who seek budget-friendly power solutions without compromising on reliability. Their wall-mounted design adds to the practicality of installation, ensuring seamless integration into your projects.


WI Series (1KW - 12KW 48VDC): Wall-Mounted Convenience for Seamless Integration 

Our WI series introduces the ultimate in convenience with its wall-mounted design, delivering power outputs ranging from 1KW to 12KW at 48VDC. These inverters are designed to be the preferred choice for professionals who demand efficient, reliable power sources. Their practicality, ease of installation, and space-saving features make them a solid option for backup and solar energy systems.


SP Series (1KW - 12KW 48VDC): Versatile Power for Backup and Solar Innovation 

The SP series is the embodiment of versatility, accommodating power outputs ranging from 1KW to 12KW at 48VDC. These inverters offer seamless adaptation to a wide spectrum of backup and solar applications. Their compatibility with diverse setups empowers you to explore new horizons in renewable energy. SP series inverters provide both single-phase and split-phase output, offering enhanced flexibility where needed.


LI Series (1KW - 12KW 48VDC): Standing Tall in Reliable Power

For a standing type design, our LI series delivers power outputs ranging from 1KW to 12KW at 48VDC, making them the stalwart solution for those who require dependable power sources in backup and solar energy applications. These inverters are designed to ensure reliability and ease of use.


HI Series (8KW - 40KW): Unwavering Power for Critical Applications 

When the mission is uninterrupted power, our HI series steps in with unwavering authority, offering power outputs from 8KW to 40KW. Engineered for demanding backup power systems and critical solar energy applications, HI series inverters are designed for high-voltage use, providing the reliability and durability professionals demand.


At the core of all our power inverter chargers is the commitment to delivering low-frequency pure sine wave output, providing the clean, stable power that your backup systems and solar energy ventures rely on.

We proudly offer manufacturing services, OEM and ODM solutions, and other customization services to meet your unique requirements. Are you ready to explore the power solutions that will drive your backup and solar energy initiatives to new heights? Dive deeper into our MI, WI, SP, LI, and HI series, each designed to empower your vision.

1KW - 12KW Power Inverter Charger (WI Series)

With a robust power range spanning from 1KW to 12KW, the WI Series is a beacon of versatility, designed to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of solar professionals and adventurers on the move. Whether you're a wholesaler, dealer, importer, engineer, contractor, or an avid traveler, the WI Series is the power solution that adapts to your unique needs.


Key Features that Define WI Series:

Low-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter: With pure sine wave technology, the WI Series ensures clean and stable power, safeguarding your sensitive equipment and appliances from fluctuations.


Battery Charger and Auto Transfer Switch: The WI Series integrates both inverter and battery charger functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution for uninterrupted power. The auto transfer switch ensures that your critical systems stay powered.


Wall-Mounted Design: Designed for convenience and versatility, the wall-mounted format optimizes space utilization and offers easy installation.


AC/DC Priority: Optional AC/DC priority settings allow you to tailor the inverter's behavior to your unique needs, ensuring your critical systems are always powered.


Energy-Saving Mode: Our commitment to efficiency extends to the Energy Saving Mode, helping you conserve energy and reduce operating costs.


Customizable Charger Current: Tailor your charging requirements to match your battery type and capacity, with charger current options ranging from 0A to 30A.


Battery Compatibility: Whether you're using LiFePo4, li-ion lithium, AGM, or other battery types, the WI Series is engineered to be compatible with a variety of battery technologies, ensuring seamless integration with your energy storage solutions.


8KW - 40KW IGBT Power Inverter/ HI Series

This IGBT power inverter offers a high-performance solution for converting DC power into usable AC power. It features an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module to generate a pure sine wave output and provide reliable operation. • Wide DC input range - Accepts 96VDC or 192VDC or 240VDC input for flexible compatibility with different battery systems and charging equipment. • Selectable AC output - Outputs single-phase power of 110V, 120V, 220V or 240V at 50/60Hz. Choose the output to match your needs. • Adjustable priority mode - Set to AC priority for backup power or DC priority for off-grid solar and wind applications. Optimize the inverter for your intended use. • Multiple battery options - Designed to work with gel, AGM, and LiFePo4 lithium batteries. Can be customized for other battery types on request. • Built-in protections - Protects against overloading, high/low voltage, short circuits, and reverse polarity. Safeguards the inverter and connected devices. • Reliable and durable - Provides years of trouble-free performance for residential, commercial, and industrial off-grid and backup power needs. A long-lasting solution.

300W - 1200W power inverter charger(MI series)

The MI Series, with a power range spanning from 300W to 1200W, is engineered to be the bedrock of affordable power solutions. Whether you're a homeowner, a small business owner, or an enthusiast seeking reliable power without breaking the bank, the MI Series is your answer.

Key Features that Set MI Series Apart:

Low-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Output: Our MI Series inverters are designed to deliver power that's as pure and stable as it gets. Say goodbye to power fluctuations and hello to a seamless, clean energy source.

Flexible AC/DC Priority: We understand that every situation is unique. With optional AC/DC priority settings, you can choose how your inverter behaves when power sources fluctuate. This adaptability ensures your critical systems are always powered.

Customizable Charger Current: Tailor your charging needs to match your battery type and capacity. With charger current options ranging from 0A to 20A, our MI Series is as versatile as it is reliable. 

Battery Compatibility: Whether you're utilizing LiFePo4, li-ion lithium, gel, AGM, or other battery types, the MI Series is engineered to seamlessly work with a variety of battery technologies. This flexibility makes it a top choice for diverse energy storage solutions.

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