MPPT solar charge controller

At MILE SOLAR, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of MPPT solar charge controllers to cater to all your solar energy needs. Whether you require a controller for small-scale residential setups or high-end commercial projects, we've got you covered!


Our MPPT Solar Charge Controller Category Includes:


Economy Series: Perfect for budget-conscious solar enthusiasts, our Economy Series MPPT controllers deliver efficient and reliable performance at an affordable price point. Don't compromise on quality while saving on costs!


Standard Series: Strike the perfect balance between performance and value with our Standard Series MPPT controllers. Designed for residential and small-scale applications, these controllers offer enhanced features and durability.


Premium Series: Elevate your solar system with our Premium Series MPPT controllers. Engineered for demanding commercial projects and large-scale installations, these controllers boast advanced technology and maximum efficiency.


High Voltage Series: For systems with higher voltage requirements, our High Voltage Series MPPT controllers deliver exceptional power management and compatibility with battery banks ranging from 96VDC to 480VDC high voltage.


Key Features of Our MPPT Solar Charge Controllers:


Maximum Power Point Tracking: Our controllers efficiently harness solar energy, ensuring optimal power output from your solar panels.


Multiple Voltage Options: Choose from a wide range of voltage options to suit your specific solar system configuration.


Intelligent Charging: Enjoy precise battery charging and extended battery life, thanks to intelligent charging algorithms and voltage regulation.


User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and monitor your solar system effortlessly with our intuitive user interfaces and display screens.


Durability and Reliability: Our controllers are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in all climates.


Discover the right MPPT solar charge controller for your unique solar project. With our diverse range, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your energy requirements!

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