MILE SOLAR, A Reliable and professional solar company

MILE SOLAR Technology Co., Ltd is the manufacturing and trading combo, with professional production, research and development for off-grid solar power products.

Our business and products mainly cover the off-grid solar field.
* off-grid solar power system: solar panel, MPPT solar controller, PWM solar controller, solar inverter, solar generator, solar battery.
* solar lights: solar street light, solar flood light
* solar pump system

Deep in the solar industry for up to 10 years, MILE SOLAR unites integrity and experienced people who have passion and faith in the solar field. Now owning 2 sites manufacturing stable quality inverter related products and solar lights.

Quality Policy Statement:

We are committed to providing customers with quality assured products and services that meet and exceed applicable requirements and achieving customer satisfaction through continual improvement and effective implementation of the quality management system.

Our reliable power inverter and solar products are competitively in the global market. Today we export our solar power products to over 32 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin and North America.

As the preferred off-grid solar solution specialist, our aim is the build a long-term mutually rewarding partnership with our satisfied customers to a brighter world.


Research And Development:

Our professional R&D team is always on hand and ready to assist you in the development and optimization of your inverter and solar products according to your market request.


Technical Expertise:

We focus on the technical qualities of each product we make and every product we recommend, ensuring a top performance that caters to your every system and application. Technical excellence is key to our customers and us, which we regularly tested by internationally recognized standards.


Customer Service:

Our quick-response, experienced and knowledgeable technical service and sales team are always on standby and ready to assist with any queries, answer any questions, and provide customer service.


Are you looking for a trusted partner or Just a solar supplier?

At MILE SOLAR, we care more about what's good for our customer's long-term business and what extra value we can bring them besides providing quality solar products at a reasonable cost.


We believe that having stable quality is the first step to your success in the solar business. Developing reliable solar products with well-selected raw materials and technical expertise to delivering satisfying performance is the other critical element.


We pride ourselves on our positioning as a trusted partner instead of a solar vendor.