Mono Solar Panel

half-cut PERC mono solar panel is a type of high-efficiency solar panel with the following features: • Half-cut cells: Instead of the standard 60 or 72 full solar cells, it uses half-sized cells. These smaller cells improve power output because there is less space between cells for light to escape. Half-cut cells can increase power output by up to 10% compared to full-size cells. • PERC technology: PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. It is a cell technology that provides higher sunlight absorption and improved electron flow. PERC solar cells can produce up to 21% more energy than standard solar cells. • Higher efficiency: By combining half-cut cells, PERC technology, and monocrystalline silicon, a half-cut PERC mono solar panel can achieve a high power efficiency, typically around 20% or more. The higher the efficiency, the fewer panels you need to generate the same amount of electricity. • Longer service life: High-quality monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide stability and longevity to the solar panel. A half-cut PERC mono panel can produce energy for up to 25-30 years. So in summary, a half-cut PERC mono solar panel uses the latest solar cell technologies to maximize power generation efficiency and output. It is among the most advanced and highest-performance solar panels currently available.

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