High voltage 96V 120V 192V 240V 384V 50A 60A 80A 100A MPPT solar controller with parallel connection

≥99.5% MPPT efficiency, suitable for charging all kinds of batteries, support parallel connection


Main Features:

  • MPPT efficiency ≥ 99.5%
  • Built-in Bluetooth 
  • Suitable for charging all kinds of batteries 
  • Support remote monitoring of PC and APP
  • Support parallel connection 
  • CE/Rohs/FCC certifications approved
  • Multiple protection functions 

Technical specifications for MPPT solar charge controller 


Gs96L60 Gs96L80 Gs96L100 Gs19260 Gs192100
Product category
Controller type Solar Charge Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Maximum Power Point Tracking Efficiency ≥99.5%
Cooling method forced air cooling
Lead-acid battery system voltage range 72V~120V
Lithium-ion battery system 96V 192V
Input characteristics
Maximum input voltage(Voc.Max) 430 VDC
Minimum MPPT voltage(Vmppt.min) Vbat + 10V
start charging voltage Vbat + 20V
Input overvoltage protection/recovery voltage 430VDC/425VDC
Rated input power(W) 6240 8320 10400 12480 20800
Charging characteristics
Applicable battery type Common lead-acid batteries (SEL, GEL, FLD) and custom lead-acid batteries, custom lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, or other lithium-ion batteries
Rated charging current 60A 80A 100A 60A 100A
charging method lead Acid Battery: CC(Quick Charge)-CV(Constant Voltage Charge)-CF(Float Charge) Li-ion Battery:C(Quick Charge)-CV(Constant Voltage Charge)
Load characteristics
load voltage Same as battery voltage
Rated load current 60A 80A 100A 60A 100A
load control mode On/off Light Control Mode, Dual Time Period Timing Control Mode, Fixed Time Light Control Mode
Display & Communication
Display Working status indicator or MH-M80 meter
communication Dual RJ45 interface/RS485 bus/host computer software/built-in Bluetooth/WIFI module mobile phone cloud monitoring (optional)
protocol Standard Modbus protocol & non-standard proprietary protocol
Other features
How to set PC software/APP /Meter
Protections Input / output overvoltage and Undervoltage protection/ input reverse connection protection/battery anti reverse connection protection / overheating protection / overcharge protection
Operating ambient temperature 20~+50
Storage temperature 40~+75
IP(Ingress protection) IP21
Recommended breaker for battery ≥100A≥80A ≥125A ≥125A ≥80A ≥125A
net weight 17kg 17kg 23kg
Gross weight 23.5kg 23.5kg 30kg
Product Size 313*540*187mm 340*522*222mm
Package dimensions 635*430*295mm( wooden box) 620*455*335mm



Q1: Can I have a sample/trial order for a test?

A: Yes, we accept sample orders/trial orders for you testing by 1 product or mixed solar products.


Q2: When will you deliver the goods?

A: 3-5 working days for sample order; 7-30 working days for quantity order based on the quantity after receiving the deposit payment.


Q3: Do you offer a guarantee for your solar products?

A: Yes, 18 months for inverter and inverter-related products including solar generators, and solar inverters. and 2 years for solar lights, 10 years for solar panels.


Q4: Can you do OEM/ODM?

A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders for inverters, solar inverters, MPPT solar controllers, solar generators,solar panels and solar lights.

Please send your detailed request to our sales specialist for the best quote.



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