10KW15KW 20KW 30kw 40kw single phase off-grid solar power system kits

the off-grid solar power system includes solar panels, solar charge controller, solar inverter, solar battery and other accessories. It is a good choice for power failure areas such as farm, villa house, hotel, office.


An off-grid solar system allows you to generate your own electricity from the sun and store it using a rechargeable battery bank. The main components in an off-grid solar setup include:

• Solar panels - Converts sunlight into DC electrical current to charge the batteries. Multiple panels are wired together to generate the power required for your needs.

• Charge controller - Regulates the current from the solar panels to properly charge the batteries. It prevents overcharging and protects against overloads for maximum safety and battery life.

• Batteries - Stores the energy from the solar panels to provide continuous power even when the sun is not shining. Deep-cycle batteries are designed for solar energy storage.

• Inverter - Converts the DC battery power into AC electricity to run standard household outlets and devices. Sized according to how much power you need at any given time.

• Racking and mounts - Safely secures the solar panels at the proper angle to maximize sunlight exposure over the course of the year.

• Disconnects and overcurrent protection - Adds safety features to de-energize the system when needed and prevent hazards like short circuits. 

• PV combiner box- provides a centralized connection point to safely collect the DC power output from multiple solar panels


•Other equipment - Includes connection cables, lugs/terminals, and tools required for installation.


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