About Us

Power inverter manufacturer & off-grid solar solution provider

MILE SOLAR Technology Co., Ltd is the manufacturing and trading combo, with professional production, research and development for power inverter and solar power products over 10 years. 


Our main products range as follow:

* Power inverter

* Inverter charger,

* Solar inverter

* Solar generator(Built-in LiFePo4/deep cycle battery)

* MPPT solar controller 

* Solar light

* Solar power system


Deep in the solar industry for up to 10 years, MILE SOLAR unites integrity and experienced people who have passion and faith in the solar field. Now owning 2 sites manufacturing stable quality inverter related products and solar lights.


Our professional R&D team is always on hand and ready to assist you in the development and optimization of your inverter and solar products according to your market request.


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