300W -1200W 12V 24V power inverter charger MI Series

The MI series offers a cost-effective solution for backup power systems and solar energy installations of various sizes, with power outputs ranging from 500W to 1200W. These inverters are the choice for those who seek budget-friendly power solutions without compromising on reliability. Their wall-mounted design adds to the practicality of installation, ensuring seamless integration into your projects.



Though the cost of an inverter is less than 15% of the total amount in a power system, without it, the whole system doesn't work. An Inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in power systems including solar power systems and UPS backup systems. It's a device that converts direct current(DC) electricity to alternating current(AC) electricity for most home appliances use.

Key features:

  • 500w 800w 1000w low-frequency power inverter 12VDC 24VDC
  • pure sine wave output
  • Single-phase 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V AC output
  • AC mains priority/DC priority modes optional
  • built-in AC bypass replay, UPS function
  • multi-stage smart charger 10-15A charges gel, AGM, lithium battery
  • 4msec typical transfer time
  • LCD display working data: AC input AC output, DC input, battery, load, charger current, battery 

Technical Specifications 

Model MI-500W MI-800W MI-1000W
Rated power 500W 800W 1KW
Peak power 1.5KW 2.4KW 3KW
Nominal battery voltage 12VDC or 24VDC
Input DC input range 10.5V-16VDC(12V), 21V-32VDC(24V)
AC Mains input range 165-265VAC(220VAC) ±3%; 75-125VAC(110VAC)±3%
AC input frequency 50Hz: 45-65Hz/60Hz: 55-65Hz±0.5Hz(50Hz/60Hz automatic recognition)
Protection Low battery alarm 10.3VDC(12V), 20.6VDC(24V)
Low battery protection ≤10VDC(12V),  ≤20VDC(24V)
High battery alarm >16VDC(12V), 32VDC(24V)
High battery protection >16.5VDC(12V), >33VDC(24V)
Overload protection >120%, shutdown after 10 seconds
High temperature Built-in temperature real time sensor, >85°C alarm, >90°C automatic shutdown
Short circuit protection Automatic shutdown
Output efficiency >90%
Output voltage (DC battery mode)220VAC±5%, 110VAC±5%
Output frequency (DC battery mode)60/50Hz± 1%
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Output voltage (AC mains mode) 220/230/240VAC± 5% output
AC mains output AC mains > 170VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode, AC mains > 180VAC±5% return to AC mains mode;
AC mains > 275VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode, AC mains > 255VAC±5% return to AC mains mode;
The above is for 220V output for reference
Output frequency (AC mains mode)automatic tracing from AC input
Other Transfer time Built-in AC bypass replay  (4ms)
Display LCD Display with function buttons
Cooling system Intelligent cooling fan control system <42°C slow fan, >45°C fast fan
AC Charger battery types mode Gel, AGM, Li-ion, LiFePo4 battery, customized
AC charging voltage 14V-16VDC(12V), 28V-32VDC(24V)
AC charging current 0-30A:5A/10A/20A  4 stages charging current adjustable
3 Stages charging Boost charging, direct charging, float charging
AC over charge protection   ≥16.5VDC(12V), ≥33VDC(24V)
Communication RS-232/USB/SNMP(additional)
Environment Temperature -10~+40°C
Humidity <95%
Appearance Product size 290*310*135mm(L*W*H)
Packing size 340*330*185mm
Net weight 7.5 kg 8.5kg 10.5kg
Gross weight 8kg 9kg 11kg

The MI series power inverters output a pure sine wave similar to the waveform of the grid power. In a pure sine wave, the voltage rises and falls in a smooth fashion with very low harmonic distortion and cleaner utility-like power. This gives users stable enough power to operate tools, air conditioners, fans, lights, computers, and other electronics without any interference. Pure sine wave inverters are in many cases more efficient, allowing users to use less energy and allow for more device capability. The main advantage of pure sine wave inverters is that they are used to operate sensitive electronic devices that require high quality waveform with little harmonic distortion. Almost every electronic device could be powered using a pure sine wave inverter.



The inverter charger comes equipped with two working modes that can be changed using a set.

Utility Priority or AC First

Under this setting, once the inverter charger is connected to the utility, it will power the loads using the electricity from the shore supply. The inverter charger will start charging the battery bank using the AC source, if necessary. In case of power outages, the system automatically switches to battery-powered mode. 

Application: home backup power systems for somewhere facing power failures some hours for a day. 

Market-oriented: Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon, Lebanon, Pakistan, Haiti, Venezuela, Chile, etc.


Battery Priority or DC first

Under this setting, the inverter charger will provide power using the connected battery bank even when it detects an AC source. When the battery voltage reaches the low voltage setpoint, the inverter will power the loads using the connected AC source but will not charge the battery bank if the charge current is set to 0A. 

Application: renewable energy systems such as wind power systems, solar power systems, transportation vehicles, trucks, etc.

Market-oriented: Good sunshine area or islands. Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon, Lebanon, Pakistan, Haiti, Venezuela, Chile, etc.

Why choose us?

A. Professional

Having been in the inverter and solar industry for over 10 years, MILE SOLAR understands what customers are caring about from solar manufacturing and exporting solar goods.

B. Strictly quality control

MILE SOLAR always keeps strictly controls the quality of our solar products from raw materials selection, production assembling, product testing, packing, and shipping. Each power inverter and other solar equipment is tested by its function before packing. 

C. Integrity, Honesty and Responsibility

MILE SOLAR takes every customer's 


Q1: Can I have a sample/trial order for a test?

A: Yes, we accept sample order/trial orders for testing.


Q2: When will you deliver the goods?

A: 3-5 working days for sample order; 7-15 working days for quantity order after receiving the deposit payment.


Q3: Do you offer a guarantee for your solar products?

A: Yes, 18 months for inverter and inverter-related products including solar generator, solar inverter. 2 years for solar lights.


Q4: Can you do OEM/ODM?

A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders for power inverters, solar inverters, MPPT solar controllers, solar generators, solar panels and solar lights.


Please send your detailed request to our sales specialist for the best quote.



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