40KW 3 phase off-grid solar power system for a GSM telecom project in Cameroon

The installation of the 40KW 3-phase off-grid solar power system for a GSM telecom project in Cameroon is a testament to the growing trend of renewable energy usage in the telecommunications industry. The project owner, Mr. Kennedy, approached us in early 2020 with a request for a tender project that would provide reliable electricity for GSM in Cameroon.

After extensive consultation with Mr. Kennedy and understanding his needs, we proposed a 40KW 3-phase off-grid solar power system that met his requirements, project budgets, and customer expectations. We presented him with a detailed proposal, including solar products' technical data, a system working diagram, and a quote. In May 2020, Mr. Kennedy's brother help him to place the order for the system at our factory in China, and we shipped his goods in July. By October 2020, he had received the solar equipment and installed them for his customer as soon as possible.

Recently, Mr. Kennedy expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the solar power system and his pleasure in working with us on his solar projects. He commended the quality of the equipment, the efficiency of the system, and his plans to continue to use our solar equipment for future projects.

The main components of the 40KW off-grid solar system for his project:

Items Quantity
330W monocrystalline solar panel 100 pcs 
MPPT solar controller 70A 2 PCS 
PV combiner box  2 pcs 
Solar inverter 40KW 3 phase  1 unit
Gel battery 250AH 12V 40 pcs

The 40KW off-grid solar system installed in Mr. Kennedy's project comprises 100 pieces of 330W monocrystalline solar panels, two MPPT solar controllers of 70A, one PV combiner box, 1pcs solar inverter of 40KW 3phase 240VDC, and 40 pieces of Gel batteries of 250AH 12V.

The 100 monocrystalline solar panels installed in the project generate power from the sun and convert it into electricity for the GSM telecom project. The two MPPT solar controllers optimize the solar panel's output and ensure that the batteries are charged efficiently. 

The solar inverter serves as the heart of the solar power system, converting the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power for the GSM telecom project's use. The 40 pieces of Gel batteries provide the necessary energy storage capacity to power the GSM telecom project day and night. These batteries are designed to withstand deep discharge cycles and have a long lifespan.

In conclusion, the installation of the 40KW 3-phase off-grid solar power system for a GSM telecom project in Cameroon is a positive step towards promoting renewable energy usage in the telecommunications industry. This project's success shows that solar power systems are a reliable and sustainable solution to the electricity challenges faced by telecom companies in remote locations. We are proud to have provided Mr. Kennedy with an excellent solar power system, and we look forward to working with him on future projects.

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