Three Phase solar Inverter 10KW 15kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw 60kw 80KW for off-grid solar power system

MILE SOLAR's state-of-the-art three-phase power inverter is specifically designed to meet the demands of off-grid applications, providing seamless integration and enhanced performance for your solar/wind energy storage needs.

  • ML-10KW/15KW/20KW
  • ML-30KW/35KW/40KW
  • ML-50KW/60KW/80KW
  • 10KW/15KW/20KW
  • 192VDC/240VDC/360VDC/384VDC
  • 380V, 400V, 415V
  • 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V
  • AC first, DC first
  • 730*456*1165mm
  • 30KW/35KW/40KW
  • 192VDC/240VDC/360VDC/384VDC
  • 380V, 400V, 415V
  • 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V
  • 785*580*1197mm
  • AC first, DC first
  • 50KW/60KW/80KW
  • 360VDC or 384VDC
  • 380V, 400V, 415V
  • 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V
  • AC first, DC first
  • 1000*660*1460mm


Transformer-based off-grid three phase inverter

* Output-isolation transformer
* Superior safety & protection.
* Robust Construction and Durability
* Stable and reliable performance

Digital dual conversion design

* Seamless power transfer and high-quality output
* Battery Compatibility for AGM, OPZV, LiFePo4 lithium

Large LCD control panel

* User-friendly interface
* Full-featured local management

Full protections

High-low voltage protection, overload, short-circuit
protection,under-voltage, and over-temperature
protection, over-voltage protections


Technical datasheet for 3-phase inverters 10KW - 80KW


Model ML10K ML15K ML-20 ML30K ML40K ML50K ML60K ML80K
Power 10KW 15KW 20KW 30KW 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW
Input DC voltage 192VDC/240VDC/360VDC/384VDC 360VDC/384VDC
Phase 3 phase 4 wire and ground
Voltage Range 380V±20%(3 phase), Single phase 220V
Frequency Range 45-65Hz
Rectifier 3 phase 6 pulses, 12 pulses is optional
Output Phase 3 phase 4 wire + ground
Waveform Pure sine wave
Crest Factor 3:01
Rated Voltage 380/400/415V optional ±1% for static load, 5% for fluctuant load
Phase Voltage setting 200-244VAC, pls confirm before the order
Transient Response ±5%,10ms
Frequency 50/60 Hz ±0.05%
Total-harmonic distortion < 3% linear load, <5%(nonlinear load)
short circuit current Short current for 0.1s(200% current)
Overload Capacity Overload 125% for 10 Mins, 125%-150% for 1min, automatically resume when the load becomes normal
Bypass Type Static state +manual maintenance bypass
Input Phase 3 phase 4wire and ground
Input Voltage Range 15% - 25% (the front control panel selectable)
Transfer Time Inverter / bypass transfer switch time(Overload): 0ms inverter / bypass transfer switch time (fault inverter) 1ms
Efficiency Whole unit >85%
Inverter 93%
Remote Signaling Dry contact (battery low, battery discharging, bypass/fault); output 12vdc/80mA, Optional parts
Environment Temperature 0-40 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity Less than 95% (without condensing)
Noise <60dB
Degree of protection IP20
Dimension(mm) 730*456*1165 785*580*1197 1000*660*1460
Package Size(mm) 825*553*1232 885*685*1340 1100*765*1520
Net Weight(kg) 175 185 220 275 290 480 510 570
Gross Weight(kg) 210 230 250 310 330 530 570 610


Video for 30KW 40KW three-phase inverter





Q1: Can I have a sample/trial order for a test?

A: Yes, we accept sample orders/trial orders for you to test by 1 product or mixed solar product.


Q2: Can you do OEM/ODM?

A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders for inverter, solar inverter, MPPT solar controllers, solar generator and solar lights.

Please send you detailed request to our sales specialist for best quote.


Q3: When will you deliver the goods?

A: 3-5 working days for sample order; 7-15 working days for quantity order after receiving the deposit payment.


Q4: Do you offer a guarantee for your solar products?

A: Yes, 18 months for inverter and inverter related products including solar generator, solar inverter. 2 years for solar lights.

Working Diagram

Inverter is a necessary unit for the off-grid power system or backup power system.


In an off-grid power system, the inverter plays a crucial role in converting the DC (Direct Current) power stored in batteries or generated by renewable energy sources into usable AC (Alternating Current) power for running electrical devices and appliances. 


In a backup power system, the inverter serves a critical role in providing electricity during power outages or when the main grid supply is unavailable. When main grid power is available, the inverter charges the battery. 

Inverter Used in Off-grid Solar System
Inverter Used in Wind Power System
Inverter Used in Back-up Power System

Application for off-grid three-phase inverters

Off-grid three-phase inverters have a wide range of applications across various sectors where reliable and independent power supply is crucial.


Here are some common applications of off-grid three-phase inverters:


Industrial and Commercial Facilities: Off-grid three-phase inverters are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, office buildings, and data centers. These facilities often have high power demands and require a stable three-phase power supply for machinery, equipment, HVAC systems, and lighting.


Agriculture and Farming: Off-grid three-phase inverters are essential in agricultural applications, such as farms and ranches. They power irrigation systems, water pumps, grain drying systems, livestock equipment, and other agricultural machinery that operate on three-phase power.


Remote and Rural Areas: Off-grid three-phase inverters are ideal for providing electricity in remote or rural areas where grid access is limited or nonexistent. They enable the establishment of independent power systems, including microgrids, to meet the energy needs of communities, schools, healthcare facilities, and businesses.


Telecom Towers and Base Stations: Off-grid three-phase inverters play a critical role in powering telecom towers and base stations located in remote or off-grid locations. They provide a reliable three-phase power supply for uninterrupted communication services, ensuring connectivity and network reliability.


Mining and Oil & Gas Operations: Off-grid three-phase inverters are widely used in mining and oil & gas operations, especially in remote and off-grid sites. They power heavy machinery, drilling equipment, pumps, compressors, and other critical systems that require a stable and continuous three-phase power supply.


Construction Sites: Off-grid three-phase inverters are employed in temporary or remote construction sites where grid power is not readily available. They provide reliable power for construction equipment, tools, lighting, and temporary facilities.


Event and Entertainment Industry: Off-grid three-phase inverters are used in the event and entertainment industry to power large-scale sound systems, lighting rigs, stages, and other equipment that require three-phase power. They ensure seamless operations and uninterrupted performances in outdoor or off-grid event venues.


Remote Monitoring and Surveillance Systems: Off-grid three-phase inverters are utilized in remote monitoring and surveillance systems, such as security cameras, environmental monitoring stations, and wildlife tracking systems. They provide a reliable three-phase power supply for running the monitoring and communication equipment in isolated or off-grid locations.

Industrial and Commercial Facilities
Agriculture and Farming
Remote and Rural Areas
Telecom Towers and Base Station
Remote Monitoring and Surveillance Systems
Mining and Oil & Gas Operations

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