Three Phase solar Inverter 15kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw 60kw 200KW 380V 400V for solar power system

AC power priority or DC power priority can be set, 100% full power stable output, large LCD display, little fault rate with less than 1%, Simple maintenance with plug and play board

  1. Pure sine wave ouptut, strong ability to take the loads
  2. IGBT module, strong anti-loading shock capacity
  3. Working for 3 phase and single phase appliances
  4. DSP intelligent control technology.
  5. Double protection, easy installation

Technical datasheet for 3-phase inverters 20KW - 100KW 

Model ML20K ML30K ML40K ML60K ML100K ML150K ML200K
Power 20KW 30KW 40KW 60KW 100KW 150KW 200KW
Input DC voltage 192VDC/240VDC/360VDC/384VDC 360VDC/384VDC
Phase 3 phase 4 wire and ground
Voltage Range 380V±20%(3 phase), Single phase 220V
Frequency Range 45-65Hz
Rectifier 3 phase 6 pulses, 12 pulses is optional
Output Phase 3 phase 4 wire + ground
Waveform Pure sine wave
Crest Factor 3:01
Rated Voltage 380/400/415V optional ±1% for static load, 5% for fluctuant load
Phase Voltage setting 200-244VAC, pls confirm before order
Transient Response ±5%,10ms
Frequency 50/60 Hz ±0.05%
Total-harmonic distortion < 3% linear load, <5%(nonlinear load)
short circuit current Short current for 0.1s(200% current)
Overload Capacity Overload 125% for 10 Mins, 125%-150% for 1min, automatically resume when the load becomes normal
Bypass Type Static state +manual maintenance bypass
Input Phase 3 phase 4wire and ground
Input Voltage Range 15% - 25% (the front control panel selectable)
Transfer Time Inverter / bypass transfer switch time(Overload): 0ms inverter / bypass transfer switch time (fault inverter) 1ms
Efficiency Whole unit >85%
Inverter 93%
Remote Signaling Dry contact (battery low, battery discharging, bypass / fault); output 12vdc/80mA, Optional parts
Environment Temperature 0-40 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity Less than 95% (without condensing)
Noise <60dB
Degree of protection IP20
Dimension(mm) 1000*660*1460 1100*660*1460 1500*840*1800
Package Size(mm) 1150*780*1700  1280*1080*1700 1680*1020*2000
Net Weight(kg) 150 190 350 690 800 1050 1100
Gross Weight(kg) 175 215 380 750 930 1100 1130

Power capacity of these 3-phase inverters: 15KW 20KW 30KW 35KW 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 100KW 120KW 150KW 200KW

DC input voltage: 192VDC, 240VDC, 360VDC 384VDC options for 15KW 20KW 30KW 35KW 40KW three phase inverters.

360VDC, 384VDC options for 3-phase inverters from 50KW to 200KW.

AC output voltage: 3 phase 380V, 400V, 220V options

Please consult our sales team for more details regarding your project. 


Q1: Can I have a sample/trial order for a test?

A: Yes, we accept sample orders/trial orders for you to test by 1 product or mixed solar product.


Q2: Can you do OEM/ODM?

A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders for inverter, solar inverter, MPPT solar controllers, solar generator and solar lights.

Please send you detailed request to our sales specialist for best quote.


Q3: When will you deliver the goods?

A: 3-5 working days for sample order; 7-15 working days for quantity order after receiving the deposit payment.


Q4: Do you offer a guarantee for your solar products?

A: Yes, 18 months for inverter and inverter related products including solar generator, solar inverter. 2 years for solar lights.

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