10KW off grid solar power inverter 96VDC 192VDC single phase

This is IGBT module drive of huge DC to AC pure sine wave inverter charger 10KW 96VDC/192VDC 110VAC 220VAC single phase. This off-grid, backup power 10KW inverter is perfect for business, hotels, large homes, farms and other applications that require huge amounts of backup power.

* 10KW off grid solar inverter 96VDC 192VDC to 110VAC 120VAC 220VAC 240VAC single phase

* IGBT module drive pure sine wave inverter, reliable and stable performance

* Low frequency preventing RF interference

* DC/AC priority working mode adjustable, suite for off-grid and backup power system

* Simple design for convenient maintenance

* 4 types battery selectable: Gel, AGM, Li-Ion, LiFePo4 battery or customized.

* Automatically transfer between battery and line modes by 4ms.

* Protection against: Over load, over temperature, overcharging and/ over-discharging for battery,Output short-circuit protection









Model HI-10KW/96V HI-10KW-192V
Rated power 10KW
Peak power 30KW
Nominal battery voltage 96VDC 192VDC
Input DC input range 84V-128VDC 168V-256VDC
AC Mains input range 165-265VAC(220VAC)
AC input frequency 50Hz: 45-65Hz/60Hz: 55-65Hz±0.5Hz(50Hz/60Hz automatic recognition)
Protection Low battery alarm 82.4VDC 164.8VDC
Low battery protection 80VDC  160VDC
High battery alarm > 128VDC > 256VDC
High battery protection 132VDC  264VDC
Overload protection 120% 
High temperature Built-in temperature real time sensor, ≥85°C alarm, ≥90°C automatic shutdown
Short circuit protection Yes
Output efficiency >85%
Output voltage (DC battery mode)220VAC±5% ; 110VAC±5%
Output frequency (DC battery mode)60/50Hz± 1%
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Output voltage (AC mains mode) 220/230/240VAC± 5% output
AC mains mode AC mains > 170VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode, AC mains > 180VAC±5% return to AC mains mode;
AC mains > 275VAC±5% switch to DC battery mode, AC mains > 255VAC±5% return to AC mains mode;
The above is for 220V output for reference
Output frequency (AC mains mode)automatic tracing from AC input
Other Transfer time Built-in AC bypass replay  (4ms)
Display LCD Display with function buttons
Cooling system Intelligent cooling fan control system <42°C slow fan, >45°C fast fan
AC Charger battery types mode Gel, AGM, Li-ion, LiFePo4 battery, customized
AC charging voltage 112V - 128VDC 224V - 288VDC
AC charging current 0-30A:5A/10A/20A/30A  4 stages charging current adjustable
3 Stages charging Boost charging, direct charging, float charging
AC over charge protection  ≥132VDC  ≥264VDC
Communication RS-232/USB/SNMP(additional)
Environment Temperature -10~+40°C
Humidity <95%
Appearance Product size 580*290*675mm(L*W*H)
Packing size 690*360*830mm
Net weight 77 kg
Gross weight 94 kg

Applications for 10000W power inverter:

  1. Renewable power system such as solar power system, wind power system
  2. UPS Uninterruptible power supplies, power backup system
  3. transportation: vehicles, RV(recreational vehicle), boat, yacht
  4. emergency vehicles: fire trucks, rescue vehicles, ambulances
  5. power tools 
  6. farms, villa, office, hotel, factory, home, telecommunications etc.